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Build credit in 3 steps:

1. Apply for a Kikoff Credit Account

Get instantly approved after verifying your information. No hard pull.

2. Buy something on credit

Activate your account with a purchase from the Kikoff Store.

3. Pay back monthly

Making on-time payments month after month may increase your credit limit.


To reach your financial goals, start by showing the world you can be trusted.

After you’re approved and you’ve completed a purchase, make sure to make each on-time payment according to your payment schedule. Over time, your payment history can be your greatest asset––but beware, missing a payment can also be your biggest liability!

Use the Kikoff reminders and notifications to build good financial habits. No hidden fees and no B.S. We’re your partners on your financial journey. See why thousands of people trust us to trust them.


Your Kikoff Credit Account is designed to grow with you. The more in-store purchases and on-time payments you make, the more access to financial opportunities we give you. Think: access to personalized lending products, cashback on purchases, exclusive content, and more.

Other credit builders are out to get you with hidden fees and high interest rates. Kikoff is the opposite. We want to be educational and accessible–and affordable, of course. Zero interest, zero fees.



At Kikoff, we believe that trust is the first step to a great partnership. That’s why we start by putting our trust in you.

We’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals, widening the circle of opportunity for everyone.

We saw it happening too often – friends and family being rejected for apartments and car loans, and overpaying on mortgage payments. They didn’t know that to build a deep trust, you have to start with baby steps.

Today, your financial health is like your medical health. You get it from your parents, both good and the bad. With a combined twenty-years of financial technology experience at some of the most well-known names, our team made it their mission to democratize access to financial services. Inside every one of us is the potential to be an amazing member of the financial community. Our goal is to help you get started in sharing your financial gifts with the world.

Meet the Team
Kikoff is venture-capital backed and funded by many of Silicon Valley’s savvy investors, including social impact investors. They invested in us so that we could invest in you!
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