What is Kikoff?

Kikoff’s goal is to make building credit fair, effective, and simple. Kikoff’s products are transparent and accessible--no interest, no fees.

Our credit-builder product is called Kikoff Credit, it’s a $500 revolving line of credit that helps you build credit in multiple ways. See our other FAQs to learn more!

Good credit opens doors. It can help you get that car loan or apartment lease. It can even save you money with lower interest rates.

What type of loan is this?

The Kikoff Credit Account gives you a $500 revolving line of credit. This type of credit doesn't have a fixed number of payments, so you get even more capacity and flexibility in building your credit.

With the Credit Account, you can make purchases from the new Kikoff Store! Think of it like a credit card, but there are no interest, no fees, AND we help you spend responsibly.

We’re always working on new credit-building features to improve your experience. Stay tuned for increased credit limits and even more purchase options. Just remember, the better you are paying back what you borrow, the better it looks on your credit score.

Will there be a pull on my credit?

Kikoff is NOT a pull on your credit.

Kikoff believes in helping you build credit easily so that you can reach those larger financial goals, like buying a car or a house.

We don’t check your score, we just help you build it.

What about the $12 loan?

It's an old product! We're no longer taking new sign ups for the $12 loan. But if you've got it, it still works. We're continuing to report your payments on the $12 loan.

We like to think of the Kikoff Credit Account as the new-and-improved version of the $12 loan. It's designed to give you unlimited payment history and low credit utilization, helping you grow your credit even more.

Which bureaus does Kikoff report to?

Kikoff is an official data furnisher for Equifax and Experian. We report all customers’ monthly payments to Equifax and Experian.

Most lenders check two bureaus and mortgage lenders are required to check all three bureaus, so our members are well-covered.

We work closely with all the bureaus and are constantly improving our services, so keep in touch for more updates!

What is credit utilization and how does it help me?

Credit utilization refers to how much of your credit limit you use at any given time. You can figure out your credit utilization rate by dividing your total account balance by your total credit limit. We calculate this for you and you can see your credit utilization directly on your Kikoff Dashboard.

Most experts recommend keeping your overall credit card utilization below 10%. Lower credit utilization rates suggest to creditors that you can use credit responsibly.

What is payment history and how does it help me?

Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score. It looks at whether you’ve paid past credit bills on time. This is the single most important factor in your credit score.

We’ll report your monthly payments with the Credit Account to the major credit bureaus. Each one builds your payment history--and your credit.

How long will it take to show up on my credit report?

It can take up to 6 weeks for Kikoff to show up on your credit report depending on when in the month you signed up. Kikoff reports everyone’s payments at the end of every month. After that it can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and added to your credit report.

We help you keep track of your score by having it available on your account. We'll also email you with any updates. Just keep checking in, and remember it's about the long haul!

Do you have an app?

We do not have a mobile app yet, but we’re working on it! Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Kikoff’s website is fully optimized for mobile. You can manage your loan and account details directly from and even bookmark it to your home screen.

What states are Kikoff in?

Kikoff is currently available in 45 states and covers 97% of the US population. We are working hard to be available in all 50!

We are currently NOT available in in the following US states:

  • Delaware (DE)
  • Nevada (NV)
  • Indiana (IN)
  • South Dakota (SD)
  • Rhode Island (RI)

Can I pay off the loan at any time?

Of course! Your debt is your debt, and you should be able to settle it whenever you want.

Our goal is to improve your credit history, so we encourage you to pay over time. But if you need to pay the full balance early, you can do so directly on your Kikoff dashboard.

Why can I trust Kikoff?

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people build credit. We’re officially recognized by major credit bureaus. Silicon Valley’s biggest investors also trust and back Kikoff.

But don’t just take our word for it--look at all the positive testimonials we’ve gotten on social media and YouTube!

We’ve experienced firsthand how scary credit building can be, especially for those who can’t afford to take chances with it. So we built a tool that strives to bring financial opportunity to everyone. We’ve been there, we know how it is, and we want to offer you something better.